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3D Rendering Market

Visualization and 3D rendering are used in high-end video games, architectural and product visualization, training simulation, and marketing and advertisement. From a marketing point of view, rendering has been greatly successful for a number of products globally. It has also been proved that 3D advertising has a nearly 5 times higher retention rate than 2D. The market to grow to $1.6B by 2020, at a CAGR of 30% during the forecast period. The market is growing rapidly because of just-in-time marketing opportunities, less time and low cost of 3D technology, and the advent of 3D-enabled display devices. 3D content is large and requires powerful graphics processing unit to render images. This limits accessibility to users who have the patience to wait for the model to load over Internet and the computing resources to render the images. Our patents and technologies overcomes this limitation and delivers visualizations of 3D renderings in real-time and interactive over Internet.

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